CCT Point of Sale Software for the Future of the Plant Growing Industry

Seed to Sale


Why Us?

CCT Portal is ONE STOP Management Solution for all phases of the industry.

  • Never miss a sale! With a hybrid cloud/server based system to ensure no down time for a client regardless of Internet connection.
  • Head office account included with every company account to see multiple facilities under one easy to use account.
  • Pre-encoded RFID tags automatically imported into your client account for plant and package tracking through every step from seed to sale.
  • Customizable facility limits to easily monitor your legal capacity for plants and grams.
  • Security lockout features for expired patient cards and time/quantity legal limits.
  • Employee occupational badge monitoring with renewal reminders and auto-lock out features for expired employee badges.
  • Customizable price tier generation with easy input quick buttons to accommodate any dispensary. Read more...
  • Easy inventory transfer between facilities with auto-generated transfer documentation.
  • Discounted pricing for multiple licenses under one account.
  • One click Mix-match pricing for quantity breakdowns.
  • Plant and package monitoring to watch every action taken in your inventory.
  • Easy to use plant harvesting with weight loss reports to show accurate harvest percentages and final loss.
  • Mother plant designation for cloning and batch tracking.
  • Customizable report building for every category break down within the software
  • Lab result import for each product item and custom product labels.
  • Quick update product location change for backstock and sales floor inventory.
  • SSL/TLS encryption and cutting edge secure server technology for the ultimate protection of client data.


The future in software designed to maintain complete regulatory compliance for the Industry

Inventory Tracking

RFID inventory counts
Real time On hand


Quality consulting-Expert solutions to businesses that desire to start, or better their existance in the Plant & Flower Growing industry

Cultivation monitoring


  • Custom batch ID generation for each new batch of clones created in a cultivation center
  • Mother plant clone tracing for easily accessed chain of custody reporting
  • Massive storage database for strain data and plant breeding
  • Extensive reporting for each batch created including plant destruction, facility location, and staff management


  • Easily programmed custom RFID plant tracking tags assigned to each plant to follow through the phases of its cycle
  • Custom built digital grow rooms to mimic your buildings that includes user friendly plant location identification within cultivation facilities
  • Full plant report generated for each unique RFID tracking tag
  • Capacity management for legal limit monitoring


  • Wet weight reporting for accurate moisture loss reporting
  • Easily programmed custom RFID package tracking tags that easily transfer within software licenses
  • Waste reporting for unused plant matter to ensure accuracy of harvest reporting
  • Multi-plant harvest batches for staff efficiency and reporting
  • Compliance reporting for every change made to a plant, batch, or product

Processing for transportation and sale

  • Easily programmed RFID tags assigned to testing samples for lab processing
  • Easy interface for import of testing results to be printed with each label
  • RFID tags can be easily scanned with barcode scanners or RFID reader for inventory management
  • Stored transport criteria for easily generated transport manifests from one facility to another
  • Detailed manifest recorded digitally to trace the chain of command for each RFID identified package created.
  • Purchase orders, sales orders, and transfers all generated within the software for easy government tracking
  • Customizable taxes for freight, excise, sales with real time reporting

Sales and distribution

  • Specialized price tiers for customers, products, and categories
  • Real time reporting for inventory management as well as a server backup to protect from data loss for any reason
  • Comprehensive customer purchasing history for easy reference medical referrals
  • Customizable report building for inventory, staff, and sales
  • Product loss, theft, spoilage reporting for all inventory
  • Member rewards programs available

Staff monitoring

  • Full staff profile with occupational licensing monitoring
  • Customizable permissions for each staff member under single or multiple facilities
  • All staff activity monitored in real time reporting for compliance and management
  • Easily restricted access to reports
  • Customizable reminders for employees (ex. 30 day reminders for occupational license renewal)
  • Government monitoring for licensed employees
  • Desired custom permission created within 24-48 hours of request

Multi License Administration

  • Monitoring of multiple facilities from one easy to monitor head office
  • Assignment for each facility registered under an administrator account that has access to each individual facility
  • Easy to access reporting from head office for one or all facilities
  • Staff monitoring and maintenance only accessible by administrators
  • Government access to plant and package monitoring with date, user, product, action descriptions, and associated RFID tag number

Complete Consulting

CCT offers everything from consultations to complete development partnerships. With our knowledge in all areas of the Plant & Flower Growing industry we can provide as much, or as little assistance to your business as needed. CCT is able to work with any budget. There are many avenues in which your community can get involved in the industry, and we are here to help guide you through those opportunities.

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